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What are your plans?

Improvement of working capital

Mergers and acquisitions

Increase productivity

International expansion

Business transfer

Innovation and modernization

Where does your company stand?

Your company is growing and profitable

You can make your biggest plans a reality with growth capital. For businesses and cooperatives from all regions of Québec and various industries.

Your company is starting up

Venture capital may enable it to achieve the growth stage. For Québec SMEs in the field of technological or industrial innovation and for business successions for Quebec entrepreneurs in the field of innovation.

Custom financing

No matter what growth stage your company is at, Desjardins Capital can offer you custom financing in the form of a loan or equity stake.

Subordinated loan

A subordinated loan may be right for your company if you don't want to dilute your share capital or bring in a new shareholder. Lasting an average of 5 to 8 years, its terms of repayment are flexible and tied to the company's forecasts.

Equity stake

To optimize your financing tools, one option is to offer an equity stake. A well-capitalized SME will have an easier time getting through difficult periods like losing a contract, a decline in profitability, an increase in the cost of raw materials, etc.

This form of investment to support your business plan is considered "patient capital", generally lasting 5 to 15 years. You'll also get strategic guidance provided by experienced directors from a bank with 250 outside experts, all recognized for their expertise and their business connections. These collaborators will actively participate in your company's strategic orientations and in establishing sound governance.