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Choose easy, accessible and integrated HR and payroll management

Free training seminar and support to set up a system that makes HR and payroll management easy

In Canada, employers are responsible for paying their employees on time, ensuring the accuracy of payroll calculations, and complying with more than 200 federal and provincial regulatory requirements.

The tasks involved in payroll and human resources management are vital to your business. By entrusting these tasks to the experts at Desjardins, you can simplify your payroll process and get back to focusing on running your business.

The end of the year is a very busy period for the person in charge of payroll. There’s a lot to do in preparation for issuing T4/Relevé 1 slips—and it’s not always easy. With this in mind, a special offer from Desjardins Payroll and Human Resources Services (DPHRS) has been designed to provide additional support and guidance for our partners. When you sign up for Desjardins payroll solutions, you’ll get the extra help you need during this busy period.

Plus, your Desjardins voluntary retirement savings plan (VRSP) is almost fully automated when you use these services. Electronic data transfers between DPHRS and your VRSP eliminates the need for duplicate data entry.

This offer is valid for the first year of the agreement and includes the following:

  • Free online training seminar on year-end activities
  • Free T4 and Relevé 1 slips
  • Free year-end summary report, valid for 2 people
  • Courtesy call during year-end activity period
  • Guidance and support from an advisor for businesses with 100 employees or more

At Desjardins, we work hard for you and we’re committed to providing you with top-notch professional service.

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To sign up for Desjardins payroll solutions or for more information:

  • Contact your Duyen Chau Nguyen, Senior Account Manager at 514-212-2072 (1 888 311-1616) option 1-1 or go to

To set up a Desjardins VRSP or for more information:

  • Contact your Carole Lamothe, SME Expertise Advisor at 514 350-8700 (1 877 750-8700), extension 4573601 or go to and click Get this product.

Our specialists will help you select the payroll management solution and options that work best for your business.