SPB Board of directors

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Optimize your directors' and board's contributions to ensure the long-lasting success of your business

Special rate for a better asssitance

As a partner of Desjardins Capital since 2012, we’re pleased to offer you a special rate on our services to help you assess and optimize your board’s operations, efficiency and contribution value.

How can you ensure that the directors on your board are making a meaningful contribution to the growth and development of your business? How can you get the most out of their expertise and experience?

SPB I Board of directors provides solutions to help companies assess the value and strategic contribution of their board of directors. We’ve developed a dynamic, interactive strategic review process tailored to the reality of SMEs. Our approach is designed to open a dialogue between management and the board so that a straightforward, practical action plan can be implemented to optimize how the board is run, its efficiency and its contribution. We also support companies in assessing directors’ individual contributions as well as in setting up advisory committees and boards of directors. Lastly, the support and guidance provided by SPB helps develop strategic alignment between investors, directors and management.