Start-up entrepreneurs: 5 practical tips to get the funding you need

Your business plan is a masterpiece. Your projected financial statements have been meticulously prepared. Congratulations! These precious documents will establish your credibility with potential banks or investors you meet. Here are five tips to ensure that you get the funding

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8 easy steps for writing a business plan

Think that writing a business plan is a tedious chore? That it has to be a hundred pages long? Well you’re wrong! You don’t have to start from zero to create plan that’s up to snuff. Most financial institutions offer

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Appointments within our partner companies

We are pleased to announce the following appointments to the Board of Directors of our Portfolio companies listed below : Jean-Pierre Robert at OxyNov Jean-Pierre Robert is a senior officer with extensive experience in the life sciences sector. His main fields of Read More

Desjardins Capital and Investissement Québec Become Partners of AZUR Group

The company markets EFS, a unique and multilingual solution that manages cash flows, that will have generated investments of $6 million between 2014 and 2022   Montreal  – As part of a financing round led by Mazars Consulting Inc., Desjardins Capital

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4 steps for a successful competitive analysis

While your company might be doing well now, the day could come when it has to determine its future sustainability. Here’s a look at competitive analysis, or the art of sizing up the competition… and then putting that knowledge to

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SMEs: Tools for achieving sound strategic intelligence

Manufacturing, the wholesale business, scientific and technological services, construction, even the retail business… In a competitive international market where cycles of technological change are happening faster and faster, Quebec SMEs need to constantly monitor their markets just to keep up.

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