Appointments within our partner companies

We are pleased to announce the following appointments to the Board of Directors of our Portfolio companies listed below :

Logo OxyNov

Jean-Pierre Robert at OxyNov

Jean-Pierre Robert is a senior officer with extensive experience in the life sciences sector. His main fields of activity include global alliances/strategic partnerships, organisational restructuring and risk management as well as strategic and tactical support.


OxyNov was founded in Québec in 2009 by two physicians, François Lellouche and Erwan L’Her, working in the field of respiratory health, and aware of unmet needs of clinicians. OxyNov is focused on clinical innovation and marketing its oxygen therapy devices, including FreeO2, a unique solution that is revolutionizing oxygen therapy.

Logo Immopremiere

Marie-Hélène Desrosiers at Résidences pour aînés Immo 1ère

Marie-Hélène Desrosiers has nearly 40 years’ experience in the health and social services network. She has been at the center of the network’s major transformation projects and has acted as manager, consultant and accompanist to many regional and local establishments, health agencies and the Ministère de la santé et des services sociaux.


Résidences pour Aînés Immo 1ère is a real estate group with a dozen residential properties totalling 1,250 dwellings in the Greater Montreal and Shawinigan areas. The group has diversified its holdings with the acquisition of eight seniors’ residences offering a combined total of 1,100 dwellings. Nearly 300 people are employed by the company.

Logo GGTelecom officiel

Daniel Demers at G G Télécom

For 22 years, Daniel Demers held the position of CEO for Reliance-Protectron. Under his leadership, the company has become the second-largest electronic security company in Canada. He also developed a knowledge of strategic and operational challenges that occur during the integration of operational and organisational structures post-acquisition.



G.G. Telecom, a family business founded in 2004 in Victoriaville, produces surveillance systems for security and hunting, including Skypoint. GG Telecom has around 50 employees who also manufacture sports cameras for hunting.

Logo Prevtec Microbia

Marie-Lise Gauthier at Prevtec Microbia inc.

Marie-Lise Gauthier has over twenty years’ experience in the development of international growth strategies and implementation plans by alliances, partnerships or acquisitions for private and public companies, particularly from the technology, transportation or manufacturing sectors.


Prevtec Microbia inc. specializes in the development and marketing of products for the prevention of bacterial infections and the improvement of performance in animal production.