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Unlock the growth potential of your SME

Business advice for business people!
Benefit from world-class consulting services to help you overcome the challenges of expanding your business.

Benefit from world-class consulting services so you can unlock your business’s growth potential. Over a maximum period of six consecutive months, you can avail of 100 to 200 hours of high-level business consulting services provided by the 70 consultants (various sectors) and 15 multidisciplinary experts that make up the Inno-centre team. Depending on the needs of your PME, you may also obtain professional services provided by reputable partner firms.

The services are adapted according to the business reality of each SME, whether they are in a pre-investment or post-investment stage. Consultations may focus on the following elements: clarifying certain elements of your business plan, preparing your SME for the due diligence process (intellectual property, stock ownership, compliance, management, financial modelling, operational efficiency diagnostic, etc.) or supporting the entrepreneur in applying his business plan or overcoming the challenges of expanding his business (advice on business management, recruiting key employees, marketing, taxation, etc.) .

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