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Ensuring the international prosperity of your business

Preferential pricing for an assessment of your internationalization potential and/or targeted coaching with your team and/or business intelligence monitoring of your foreign markets

Knowing that 20% of decisions and actions generate 80% of the organization’s international returns, the Mercadex MXTM Approach highlights the key aspects that your organization must excel at to:

  • Shorten time to market
  • Increase the return to risk ratio
  • Perpetuate the international activity

The practices, principles and tools of the MXTM Approach allow managers to break ground internationally by orchestrating their decisions, actions and efforts towards the progression, profitability and sustainability of their international activities.

MERCADEX International and its MXTM certified experts will help you :
1) discover your hidden international strengths
2) make the determinant choices for your success abroad (market prioritization and targeting, choice of optimal entry strategy) and
3) set up a mechanism to keep an eye on your foreign clients and competitors.